B2B & B2C Solution

B2B Solution

Having in depth knowledge in all the business process on internet and offline business in all major industries across the globe, team of Spaculus Software Services, caters precise solutions in B2B and B2C. It needs a less effort for team Spaculus to understand client's requirement, analyze it and design the architecture accordingly.

Being a technology driven company, we indicate and employ right technology suitable to your needs. We and tailor the solution too, that adds value to your company and customers.Our partnership with contacts in US and EU market has accelerated scope of our growth.

B2B Solutions

Being a consultant company in Information & Technology, Spaculus Software Services caters its range of services to clientele in varied domains. Our solutions enable organizations to streamline their business processes in a more organized and efficient manner resulting in increased productivity. Solutions provided by us is in Microsoft storefront and Oscommerce. Our solutions have extensible and modular architectures thereby enabling them to be easily customized and configured as per individual requirements.

Spaculus B2B solutions enable organizations to plan, control and integrate the flow of products, finance and information between suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers for your e-commerce online storefront. Product flow consists of movement of goods from supplier to consumer and vice versa in case of returns and exchanges; information flow deals with sending out orders and finance flow consists of payment terms, schedules etc.

Supply Chain Management systems provide a mechanism to reduce inventory, lower the cost of distribution and exchange data & information in real-time thereby resulting in increased sales. A Supply chain management system tracks and coordinates activities pertaining to demand, order processing, inventory, transportation, storage and distribution. Fine tuning and customization are done at nano level so as the clients meet their exact requirement.


By deploying the B2B solutions and B2B shopping cart, Spaculus Software Services can avail the following benefits:

  • Information Exchange: Our B2B oscommerce solutions, b2b ecommerce solutions provide organizations with the opportunity to exchange real time data and information between concerned parties. The B2B solutions also offer mechanisms for better and effective communication between supply chain partners.
  • Informed Decisions: The streamlined processes enable organizations to have a better understanding of the processes thereby enabling them to make better and informed decisions.
  • Monitor Inventories: Through the solutions developed by Spaculus can effectively monitor the status of the inventories ensuring that orders for the right quantities are placed.
  • Reduced Costs: B2B solutions help in increasing inventory turnover resulting in reduced costs of products. Administration costs are also reduced as orders and placed and accessed electronically.
  • Increase in efficiency: The B2B solutions enable organizations to reduce errors arising from the manual way for recording and tracking data and processes and ultimately in B2B lead generation.

B2B Web Portal Development, Outsource Web Portal Development

Irrespective of business size portal development makes largest business on internet with centralized service point and full range of web services for users. Spaculus designs and develops business portals to share collaborate information. Customized portal solution for your online storefront controls and maintains consistent flow of information, finance and product at all levels of enterprise.

Whether it is portal customization, or enhancing an existing software product, or developing and providing new web portal solutions we provide bespoke web portal solution. We leverage expertise in integration third party applications and customizing portal design to fit customer requirement at various degrees (e Marketplace, social networking portals, auction, communities, etc.). Our portal design professionals design simple to complex, general to theme based portals. A well designed and developed portal allows easy access of information in less time.

B2B, Business to Business portal results in an instant impact of your company's productivity on your customers. We move step by step to provide complete web portal solution from initialization, specification to final delivery. Our web portal professionals' technical knowledge, our domain experience and our state-of-art in B2B & B2C web portal development help to develop perfect B2B portals and B2C web portals and provide multifaceted web portal solution. A good portal includes good design and development, SEO friendly content so that the portal is search engine friendly to increase visitors to your online storefront.

B2C Solution

Spaculus specializes in developing a variety of B2C solutions, supply chain b2c websites ranging from transaction based e-commerce applications to modular application based development. Our B2C solutions provide organizations with a perfect platform to introduce their products and services to a prospective global community of consumers.

Providing the potential to reach out to a large audience base spread across geographical locations, the Internet has proved to be a powerful marketing tool for organizations wishing to retail their products and services online. Convenience, ease of use, larger variety and cheaper prices are some of the reasons why customers are turning to the internet to shop.

Advantages : Our B2C solutions offer following advantages

  • Companies can reach out to a larger consumer base and increase their areas of operation.
  • They can offer a greater vivid services and products online
  • The solutions provide companies with a means to be available to their consumers, 365 X 24 X 7.
  • Potential customers can browse a greater range of online catalogues from their homes or offices.

Areas of B2C Solutions by Spaculus

Spaculus designs and develops supply chain b2c companies that designs and develops a wide variety of B2C solutions. Following are some examples:

Online storefronts

SPACULUS provides retailers with a means to offer their products and services on sale to the online community of users. Consumers can browse through a huge array of product catalogues and purchase products online. Orders can be tracked by the consumers through the storefront using Microsoft and Open source storefront development solutions.

Online auction websites

Auction websites provides buyers and sellers with a platform to interact with each other. Sellers can register with the website and offer their products and services for sale.

Buyers, in turn, can browse through the details of the products on display and place a bid on any desired product. The buyers can view and monitor the bids placed by buyers and at the end of the specified time period product will be sold to the highest bidder.

Real Estate Solutions

Through our solutions real estate agents, brokers etc can offer their services online. Details of properties available on sale and rent can be showcased through the website. Property seekers can access the website and browse through the details of the various properties and book them online.

Interactive Components

Content Management Systems: A content management system can be integrated with the solution enabling users to easily publish content appearing on the website.

  • Newsletter Subscription:As a value added service, a newsletter subscription module can be incorporated with the solutions enabling customers to get all the latest product/service information online.
  • Newsletter Subscription: As a value added service, a newsletter subscription module can be incorporated with the solutions enabling customers to get all the latest product/service information online.
  • Tell a friend: To increase exposure to the website, users can be provided the option to send the details of the website to friends and invite them to access the website.
  • Discussion Forums: Discussion forums can be integrated into the solution enabling the creation of online user communities. Users can interact with each other and share their view and opinions on various topics.
  • Personalized Services: In order to offer personalized services to customers, the websites can be developed in a manner so as to track and capture customer actions within the website. A customer who has logged into the website can be offered products/services similar to their purchase history or services/properties/holiday packages available in their regions.
  • Market research Reports: Customer details (i.e. registration and order details) can be captured and used to generate market research and trend analysis reports.
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