You send us the project requirement.
We determine if the project is bigand requirements are not clearly laid out or if the project is more of web maintenance.
We suggest T & M Model
We mutually decide to proceed the project
We form the team for the project and commence.
You control the project development and stages
The team works as per your work assignments.
You receive daily-regular work hour reports.
We renew the cycle for every 250 hours of efforts.

Hire Dedicated Resources

In hire web professionals model, you can hire resources like web designers, programmers, Internet marketing experts etc on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis depending on your requirements. You can assign any number of projects to your hired professional and can assign any task that you want to execute for the project. The resource works dedicatedly on your projects on full time or part time basis .

This model is suitable for our partners who have:

  • Fairly large project to outsource and where the requirements may keep changing.
  • Website maintenance, addition of new features or bug fixing is to be done on websites.
  • When you have multiple projects to outsource and needs a dedicated team to execute all the projects.

This model is suitable for our partners who have:

  • We determine the designer/developer to suit your needs
  • You determine whether you want to hire Part time or Full time
  • We allocate the dedicated designer, developer, seo, etc…
  • You assign projects, tasks to your dedicated resource
  • You receive daily updates on projects and work reports
  • We renew the cycle every month
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