Microsoft Technology

Microsoft Dot Net Development and ASP.Net C# Programming Services

SPACULUS is a premier Web Development and Software Development company with a complete range of solutions facing the ever growing client and market challenges. We uses the best of Micosoft.NET technologies for your customized web development and optimization. Microsoft is a powerful and robust software development technology that provides the security advancements, management tools, and updates needed to build, test, and deploy highly reliable and secure software. SPACULUS Microsoft Technologies Group consists of over 40 members possessing in-depth knowledge and unique competence in .NET technologies:

Ecommerce web solutions include:

  • ASP.NET (Web Forms, MVC, Ajax, Silverlight)
  • Windows Forms
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • AADO.NET, LinQ, Entity Framework
  • Enterprise Services (COM+, MSMQ)
  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Web Services, .NET Remoting, WF
  • .NET Mobile
  • Interoperability (COM, PInvoke)
  • C#, VB.NET, Managed C++
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Dynamics

Advantages with Microsoft.NET

Microsoft .NET framework greatly accelerate development time, lower costs and offers greater maintainability. ASP.NET drastically reduces the amount of code required to build large applications. High security.NET framework provide built-in security configuration which makes distributed business application a reliable solution. With the added benefits of .Net framework, the expert SPACULUS .NET Team harnesses the power of ASP.Net (a powerful programming language) to develop robust web applications. .NET framework makes it easy Application Deployment and Maintenance.

Any application can operate with other applications, running on different technology and hardware, in turn lowering the operation costs, results - Ample Savings. Bring on one platform all your internal applications, your partners and customers. Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET and the .NET Framework supports varied languages, helping developers to focus on work without learning a new language that can do the job. Employees can look for updated information on desktop applications, internet browsers or even mobile devices. Speedy development. Ability of cross platform migration. High Reliability.

The .NET Frameworkensures that all the components the application depends on are available on the computer before the application begins execution. Easy configuration of applications, Vast and enriched Class library, features, controls, Easy debugging,x Visual Studio .NET and other third party providers provide several debugging tools that simplify application development.

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