N-Tier Application Development

With the advantages of .NET framework, the development of an N-Tier Application became easier and all the negatives of a client/server application development were well taken care about. .NET framework provides sophisticated and standardized set of services and its components to work with.

An N-Tier Application provide separate layers for following Presentation Layer, Business rules layer, Database access layer and Database (Data tier).

SPACULUS has strong expertise in developing N-Tier architecture in the .NET framework. the team at Spaculus can deliver great levels of solutions to clients vision.

Why N-Tier Business Applications?

N-Tier Applications can easily implement the concepts of Distributed Application Design and Architecture. The N-Tier Applications provide strategic benefits to Enterprise Solutions.

The N-tier Applications provide specific advantages that are vital to the business continuity of the enterprise. Typical features of a real life n-tier may include the following:

  • Security: Application has Appropriate Authentication, Authorization, logging and monitoring mechanisms.
  • Easy Maintenance & Manageability: Application architecture allow easy and affordable maintenance services to the client. Application is easy to deploy, monitor and troubleshoot.
  • Data Abstraction: Easily make changes to the functionality, business rules with the least amount of impact to the entire applications.
  • Robust Application: There is no single point of failure as Tiers function with relatively independent. If the presentation layer changes, this will not affect the integration or data layer.

    Well-designed modules allow for applications or pieces of applications to be customized and used across modules or even projects. Reusability is particularly important in web applications. Applications components are more readable and reusable.

Another benefit of separating applications into separate layers is that it enables parallel development of the different tiers of the application.

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